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2011 latest Matlab Projects abstracts

2011 latest Matlab Projects abstracts

  2011 Latest Matlab Projects abstracts
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1.ProjectName Robust Adaptive Image Watermarking using Visual Models in DWT and DCT
AbstractIn this paper, a new robust digital image watermarking algorithm based on Joint DWT-DCTTransformation is proposed. The imperceptibility is provided as well as higher robustness against common signal processing attacks. A binary watermarked image is embedded in certain sub-bands of a 3-level DWT transformed of a host image. Then, DCT transform of each selected DWT sub-band is computed and the PN-sequences of the watermark bits are embedded in the coefficients of the corresponding DCT middle frequencies. In extraction stages, the watermarked image, which maybe attacked, is first preprocessed by sharpening and Laplassian of Gaussian filters. Then, the same approach as the
DomainsImage processing, WaterMarking.
KeywordsIEEE,image processing base,Embedded and Extract the image,

2.ProjectNameA Robust Video Watermarking Algorithm
AbstractVideo watermarking is well known as the process of embedding copyright information in video bit streams. It had been proposed in recent years to solve the problem of illegal manipulation and distribution of digital video. Approach: In this study, an effective, robust and imperceptible video watermarking algorithm was proposed. This algorithm was based on a cascade of two powerful mathematical transforms; Discrete Wavelets Transform (DWT) and Singular Value Decomposition (SVD). Two different transform domain techniques showed high level of illegal manipulation and distribution of digital video.
DomainsVideo image processing, WaterMarking.
KeywordsDigital video watermarking, copyright protection, Discrete Wavelets Transform (DWT), Singular Value Decomposition (SVD), imperceptible and robust watermarking
H/w & S/wMATLAB 7.0,Matlab with matlab simulinks.

AbstractWireless communication is observing a fast development in today’s communication era. In mobile communication the Base Transceiver Station (BTS) to Base Station Controller (BSC) or Mobile Switching Centre (MSC) link is based on microwave link. Therefore, analysis and planning of a microwave link is very much important. The microwave equipment can be installed after a careful planning and detailed analysis a microwave radio system. A poorly designed path can result in periodic system outages, resulting in increased system latency, decreased throughput, or worst case, a complete failure of the system.
DomainsWireless Networking and Communications
KeywordsMicrowave/Radio Frequency Wave,Television and Radio Broadcasting,Remote Sensing
H/w & S/wMATLAB 7.0,Matlab with matlab simulinks.

4.ProjectNameDigital Audio Watermarking based on DWT and content authentication mechanism
AbstractThe concept of audio watermarking now becomes the most commonly used mechanism mostly in the music industry. The ever-increasing illegal manipulation of genuine audio products has been a dilemma for the music industry. This situation calls for immediate, yet effective, solutions to avoid further financial losses and intellectual property violations. Audio watermarking has been proposed as a possible solution, since this technology embeds copyright information into audio files as a proof of their ownership. In our research work, we propose an effective, robust, and an inaudible audio watermarking algorithm. The effectiveness of the algorithm has been brought by virtue of applying a cascade of two powerful mathematical transforms; the discrete wavelets transform (DWT) and the singular value decomposition (SVD). Experimental results will be presented in this paper to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed algorithm.
DomainsAudio watermarking
KeywordsIEEE,image processing base,Embedded and Extract the image,

5.ProjectNameDomestic energy management methodology for optimizing efficiency in Smart Grids
AbstractIncreasing energy prices and the greenhouse effect lead to more awareness of energy efficiency of electricity supply. During the last years, a lot of domestic technologies have been developed to improve this efficiency. These technologies on their own already improve the efficiency, but more can be gained by a combined management. Multiple optimization objectives can be used to improve the efficiency, from peak shaving and Virtual Power Plant (VPP) to adapting to fluctuating generation of wind turbines.
DomainsSmart Grid.
KeywordsSmart Grid, Distributed Generation, Microgeneration,
H/w & S/wMATLAB 7.0,Matlab with matlab simulinks.

6.ProjectNameLightFlood: Minimizing Redundant Messages and Maximizing the Scope of Peer-to-Peer Search
AbstractFlooding is a fundamental file search operation in unstructured peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing systems, in which a peer starts the file search procedure by broadcasting a query to its neighbors, who continue to propagate it to their neighbors. This procedure repeats until a time-to-live (TTL) counter is decremented to 0. Flooding can seriously limit system scalability, because the number of redundant query messages grows exponentially during the message propagation. Our study shows that more than 70 percent of the generated messages are redundant in a flooding with a TTL of 7 in a moderately connected Gnutella network. Existing efforts to address this issue have been focused on limiting the use of the flooding operation. We propose a new flooding scheme, called LightFlood, with the objective of minimizing the number of redundant messages and retaining a similar message-propagating scope as that of the standard flooding. In the scheme, each peer keeps track of the connectivities of every immediate and next indirect neighbor peers, which can be acquired locally. LightFlood identifies the neighbor with the highest connectivity and uses the link to that neighbor to form a suboverlay within the existing P2P overlay. In LightFlood, flooding is divided into two stages. The first stage is a standard flooding with a limited number of TTL hops, where a message can spread to a sufficiently large scope with a small number of redundant messages. In the second stage, message propagating is only conducted along the suboverlay, significantly reducing the number of redundant messages. Our analysis and simulation experiments show that the LightFlood scheme provides a low-overhead broadcast facility that can be effectively used in P2P search. For example, compared with standard flooding with seven TTL hops, we show that LightFlood with an additional two to three hops can reduce up to 69 percent of the flooding messages and retain the same flooding scope. We believe that LightFlood can be widely used as a core mechanism for efficient message broadcasting in P2P systems due to its near-optimal performance.
DomainsNetworking Peer-to-peer system
KeywordsPeer-to-peer system, file searching, overlay network, query flooding.
H/w & S/wMATLAB 7.0,Matlab with matlab simulinks.

7.ProjectNameAn Improved Resource Discovery Algorithm for Gnutella Networks
AbstractIn this paper, we summarize the characteristics of message search mechanism of Gnutella P2P network model. By analyzing its disadvantages, an improvement of resource discovery algorithm is proposed, it can more effectively reduce network traffic than the existing search methods in Gnutella system, and it can also improve Gnutella network’s integrity, availability and scalability.
DomainsNetworking Peer-to-peer system
KeywordsPeer-to-peer system, file searching, overlay network, query flooding.
H/w & S/wMATLAB 7.0,Matlab with matlab simulinks.

8.ProjectNameFacial Aging Using ImageWarping using LDA and PCA approach
AbstractImage warping is a transformation that maps one image into another, altering its shape. This type of transformation has a wide range of applications in medical imaging and, specially, in entertainment industry. In this paper we present a method for simulating aging on frontal face images altering only the shape of the face. We use a method of warping called Radial Basis Functions (RBF) together with a quantitative model for expressing human aging.In prposed approach we have consider two modules LDA and PCA respectively,LDA find the image in simple level but PCA is very complicated level using neural network. We also use in PCA module backpropogation as well euclidean using nueral network for the effective result and finally we get the correctness,those approch provide the robustness our system.The prototype works with images from people with 20 years old up and performs the aging up to 70 years.
DomainsAging ,image processing.
KeywordsIEEE,image processing base,Embedded and Extract the image,

9.ProjectNameAirport Security using the image processing
AbstractAircraft security is one of the interesting parts of the research areas, as it shows the need of security at the airport. Security in the aircraft is already implemented successively by many of the nations in order to protect from the terrorist attacks or any other insecure activities. But the required level of security still is the problem for the aircraft security specially while aircraft parking and before departure of it. Thus the main area of the proposed project work is to impose the new security mechanisms for the aircraft security which is efficient in detection of the malicious activities of the attackers and hence the prevention of the any of the physical damages in the aircrafts while working. In the thesis we present the image processing techniques and methods for the tracking remote aircrafts. For the tracking algorithms and target cueing, using the GEDAE mechanism designs of preliminary workstation are introduced in place. This proposed tracking algorithms are strongly depends on the various image processing methods which are as complex as the surveillance systems of EO. Here we used the GEDAE mechanism for the image processing of the proposed tracking algorithms. For the design of such algorithm, various library and custom primitives and hence the selection of such primitives lead to the significant algorithm performance effects. Such tracking algorithms which involves the use of the image processing as the key aspect for the security in the aircrafts results into the better performance mechanism for the same. For the implementation and simulation of such algorithms we used the MATLAB tool and analyze the results for the same.
DomainsConflict Detection, Image processing.
KeywordsIEEE,image processing base,Embedded and Extract the image,

10.ProjectNameOptimal Power Flow by a Primal-Dual Interior Point Method
AbstractOne of the most important requirements in power system operation, control and planning in energy management system (EMS) of modern power system control centers is optimal power flow (OPF). Optimal power flow, which is characterized as a difficult optimization problem, involves the optimization of an objective function that can take various forms, for example, minimization of total production cost, and minimization of total loss in transmission networks, subject to a set of physical and operating constraints such as generation and load balance, bus voltage limits, power flow equations, and active and reactive power limits. This paper presents a method to solve an optimal power flow problem with the objective of the minimization of total production cost based on a primal-dual interior point theory. The method has been implemented in a computer program which can effectively solve a non-linear objective function with linear constrains and has a good convergence characteristic. The efficiency of the methodology applied to the optimal power flow problem is demonstrated by the IEEE 14-, 30-, 57- and 118-bus test systems.
DomainsPower Control
KeywordsIEEE test systems, KKT conditions , optimal-dual interior point method, optimal power flow
H/w & S/wMATLAB 7.0,Matlab with matlab simulinks.

11.ProjectNameA Fully Automatic CAD-CTC System Based on Curvature Analysis for Standard and Low-Dose CT Data
AbstractComputed tomography colonography (CTC) is a rapidly evolving noninvasive medical investigation that is viewed by radiologists as a potential screening technique for the detection of colorectal polyps. Due to the technical advances in CT system design, the volume of data required to be processed by radiologists has increased significantly, and as a consequence the manual analysis of this information has become an increasingly time consuming process whose results can be affected by interand intrauser variability. The aim of this paper is to detail the implementation of a fully integrated CAD-CTC system that is able to robustly identify the clinically significant polyps in the CT data.The CAD-CTC system described in this paper is a multistage implementation whose main system components are: 1) automatic colon segmentation; 2) candidate surface extraction; 3) feature extraction; and 4) classification. Our CAD-CTC system performs at 100% sensitivity for polyps larger than 10 mm, 92% sensitivity for polyps in the range 5 to 10 mm, and 57.14% sensitivity for polyps smaller than 5 mm with an average of 3.38 false positives per dataset. The developed system has been evaluated on synthetic and real patient CT data acquired with standard and low-dose radiation levels.
DomainsImage Processing,Biomedical Engineering
KeywordsClassification, computed tomography (CT), convexity test, feature extraction, low-dose computed tomography colonography (CTC), polyp detection.
H/w & S/wMATLAB 7.0,Matlab with matlab simulinks.

12.ProjectNameA Probabilistic Approach to Aircraft Conflict Detection
AbstractConflict detection and resolution schemes operating at the mid-range and short-range level of the air traffic management process are discussed. Probabilistic models for predicting the aircraft position in the near-term and mid-term future are
DomainsImage Processing.
KeywordsIEEE,FMS,GPS,A-DSB,ATMS base supported Air traffic management automation, conflict detection,probabilistic modeling, randomized algorithms.
H/w & S/wMATLAB 7.0,Matlab with matlab simulinks.

13.ProjectNameInteractive Local Color Transfer Between Images
AbstractAltering image’s color is one of the most common tasks in image processing. However, most of existing methods are aimed to perform global color transfer. This usually means that the whole image is affected. But in many cases colors of only a part of an image needs changing, so it is important that the rest of the image remains unmodified. In this article we offer a fast and simple interactive algorithm based on local color statistics that allows altering color of only a part of an image, preserving image’s details and natural look.
DomainsImage processing.
Keywordsimage processing, recoloring, color transfer, local color information, image segmentation.
H/w & S/wMATLAB 7.0,Matlab with matlab simulinks.

14.ProjectNameVery Low Bit-Rate Coding Algorithm for Stereo Video with Spatiotemporal HVS Model and Binary Correlation Disparity Estimator
AbstractIn this paper, the strategy for efficiently coding stereo video sequences is investigated. To fully utilize the suppression and the contrast sensitivity property of the human visual system, a novel coding scheme with two special mechanisms, the spatiotemporal HVS model and the binary correlation disparity estimator, is proposed to efficiently reduce the video signal redundancy and the computational complexity, while maintaining a high subjective image quality. Compared with existing stereo video coding systems, the proposed coding scheme supports a lower transmission bit rate and has less computational complexity.
DomainsImage processing.
KeywordsBinary correlation disparity estimator, human visual system, spatiotemporal contrast sensitivity, stereo video coding.
H/w & S/wMATLAB 7.0,Matlab with matlab simulinks.

15.ProjectNameEfficient method for the currency detection
AbstractIn this project, aim is to detect the fake Indian currency through our proposed system with the maximum percentage of accuracy. For these proposed system I make conclusion that the existing technique which more accurate than other one called as “Method for counterfeit currency detection using orthogonal line comparison”. The method can more accurately determine the location and orientation of a pattern and thus provides more reliable currency detection. A detector is trained off-line with example notes resulting in a stored template generated by recording a test pattern similar to a pattern to be tested; anchor lines are identified within said templates which are further represented in subsequent test patterns.
DomainsImage processing
KeywordsPattern recognition method, image compression, image edge detection, image matching, detection alarm.
H/w & S/wMatlab7.0 or onwards,Windows XP.

16.ProjectNamePerformance Comparison of SPIHT and CT Image Compression Techniques using Picture Quality Measures
AbstractA major problem in describing the type of the picture quality measure that effectively compares the performance of different image compression algorithms is difficult. The aim of this paper is to examine a set of objective quality measures like Peak Signal to Noise Ratio (PSNR), Picture Quality Scale (PQS) and Maximum Difference (MD) in performance comparison of Contourlet Transform (CT) and Set Partitioning In Hierarchical Tree (SPIHT) techniques and also to determine the suitable measure that effectively compares the above two techniques. Our results show that the SPIHT gives better quality than CT in terms of PSNR.
KeywordsContourlet algorithm, PQS, PSNR.
H/w & S/wMATLAB 7.0,Matlab with matlab simulinks.

17.ProjectNameSpeech Compression With Best Wavelet Packet Transform And SPIHT Algorithm
AbstractThis paper proposes a new coding algorithm of speech compressing, which is based on Best Wavelet Packet Transform and SPIHT coding algorithm. The new approach applies the wavelet packet transform to process speech signal to obtain optimal wavelet tree to allocate the dynamic bits, and then uses the modified SPIHT coding algorithm to compress the coefficients from the wavelet packet transform. The entropy coding is also used to increase the compression ratio. The experiments indicate that the new approach can gain better quality signal reconstruction at high compression ratios and have a low-complexity and low-delay.
DomainsIEEE,SPIHT,compression coding
Keywordsspeech signal,Best Wavelet Packet Transform,SPIHT algorithm,compression coding algorithm.
H/w & S/wMATLAB 7.0,Matlab with matlab simulinks.

18.ProjectNameAdaptive Equiliazation Mobile Communication
AbstractBroadband single carrier modulated signals experience severe multipath distortion scrambling & ISI when propagating through physical medium. Correcting the distortion with channel equalization is the foremost task of the detector. Prior information about the transmitted signals in the form of channel decoder feedback can significantly enhance equalization accuracy. An algorithm that iteratively performs channel decoding and equalization with prior information is generally denoted turbo-equalizer. Turbo-Equalizer uses prior information & the principle of interference cancellation by MMSE criterion. Here we have tested Adaptive Turbo Equalization
DomainsNetworking, Signal processing.
KeywordsIEEE,LS,LMS,RLS,CMA singleuser as well miltiuser Equiliazers and conversion graphs.
H/w & S/wMATLAB 7.0,Matlab with matlab simulinks.

19.ProjectNameA Low Complexity Algorithm for Proportional Resource Allocation in OFDMA Systems
AbstractWiMAX is one of the most important technologies for providing a Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) in a metropolitan area. The use of OFDM transmissions has been proposed to reduce the effect of multipath fading in wireless communications. Moreover, multiple access is achieved by resorting to the OFDMA scheme. Adaptive subcarrier allocation techniques have been selected to exploit the multiuser diversity, leading to an improvement of performance by assigning subchannels to the users accordingly with their channel conditions. A method to allocate subcarriers is to assign almost an equal bandwidth to all users (fair allocation). However, it is well known that this method limits the bandwidth efficiency of the system. In order to lower this drawback, in this paper, two different adaptive subcarrier allocation algorithms are proposed and analyzed. Their aim is to share the network bandwidth among users on the basis of specific channel conditions without loosing bandwidth efficiency and fairness. Performance comparisons with the static and the fair allocation approaches are presented in terms of bit error rate and throughput to highlight the better behavior of the proposed schemes in particular when users have different distances from the BS.
DomainsWireless Networking and Communications
KeywordsAdaptive systems, Subcarrier allocation, Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access, WiMAX.
H/w & S/wMATLAB 7.0,Matlab with matlab simulinks.

20.ProjectNameCooperative Diversity in Wireless Networks
AbstractAn ad-hoc network with a base station, a mobile and a third station acting as a relay is analysed. The channels are modelled using path loss, Rayleigh fading and thermal.
DomainsWireless Networking and Communications
KeywordsAmplify and Forward and Decode and Forward, Fixed Ratio Combining (FRC), ESNRC.
H/w & S/wMATLAB 7.0,Matlab with matlab simulinks.

21.ProjectNameSpeech Recognition Using the HMM
AbstractIn this research work, we developed a speech-to-text engine. The system acquires speech at run time through a microphone and processes the sampled speech to recognize the uttered text. We used the hidden Markov model (HMM) for speech recognition, which converts the speech to text. The recognized text can be stored in a file on a PC. Our speech-to-text system directly acquires and converts speech to text. It can supplement other larger systems, giving users a different choice for data entry. A speech-to-text system can also improve system accessibility by providing data entry options for blind, deaf, or physically handicapped users.
DomainsSignal Processin, DSP, HMM.
KeywordsHMM, Voice Activity Detection (VAD), LPC, Puls Code Modulation
H/w & S/wMATLAB 7.0,Matlab with matlab simulinks.

22.ProjectNameIRIS Recognition System for Noisy Images Using Fuzzy Based Edge Detection
AbstractIn this research work, we are proposing the new efficient and robust algorithm for the Iris Recognition system for the noisy images. Efficient and robust segmentation of noisy iris images is one of the bottlenecks for non-cooperative iris recognition. To address this problem, a novel iris segmentation algorithm is proposed in this research. After reflection removal, a clustering based coarse iris localization scheme is first performed to extract a rough position of the iris, as well as to identify non-iris regions such as eyelashes and eyebrows. A novel integrodifferential constellation is then constructed for the localization of pupillary and limbic boundaries, which not only accelerates the traditional integrodifferential operator but also enhances its global convergence. After that, a curvature model and a prediction model are learned to deal with eyelids and eyelashes, respectively. Extensive experiments on the challenging UBIRIS iris image databases demonstrate that encouraging accuracy is achieved by the proposed algorithm.
DomainsSignal Processing, DSP.
KeywordsHMM,LPC, Puls Code Modulation
H/w & S/wMATLAB 7.0,Matlab with matlab simulinks.

23.ProjectNameRobust Video Watermarking using Multi-Band Wavelet
AbstractThis paper addresses copyright protection as a major security demand in digital marketplaces. Two watermarking techniques are proposed and compared for compressed and uncompressed video with the intention to show the advantages and the possible weaknesses in the schemes working in the frequency domain and in the spatial domain. In this paper a robust video watermarking method is presented. This method embeds data to the specific bands in the wavelet domain using motion estimation approach.
DomainsWatermarking, Image processing.
KeywordsFrequency, Motion estimation,Robust watermarking,image processing.
H/w & S/wMATLAB 7.0,Matlab with matlab simulinks

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