Tuesday, August 7, 2012


1) PSPICE Simulation and Implementation of closed loop controlled ZVS LCL push-pull DC-DC converter.
2) Design and Simulation of the transient response of a DC motor using MATLAB.
3) Induction Motor – Tests Using Simulink.
4) A generalized dynamic and steady state analysis of self excited induction generator (SEIG) based on MATLAB.
5) A study on the distributed energy of the CFA6470 hybrid electric vehicle based on MATLAB.
6) Analysis of a small generator using flux tube method and MATLAB.
7) Research on simulation model of doubly-fed electrical generating system and its OPC interface based on MATLAB.
8) DCPD acquisition and analysis for HV storage capacitor based on MATLAB.
9) FACTS Control Devices (Statcom, SSSC and UPFC) Re- Configuration Techniques using MATLAB.
10) Defining power factor for intermittent duty load conditions.
11) Determination of failure in stator coil windings due to voltage surges using MATLAB.
12) Simulation of motor faults and protections based on MATLAB.
13) Optimal power flow via interior point methods: an educational tool in MATLAB.
14) Faults analysis and simulation for interior permanent magnet synchronous motor using MATLAB.
15) Combined electrical and thermal simulation of power electronic systems in MATLAB.
16) Dynamic Simulations of Electric Machinery: Using MATLAB.
1. Super-Resolution From Unregistered and Totally Aliased Signals Using Subspace Methods.
2. Convolution Using Discrete Sine and Cosine Transforms.
3. Fast and Stable Subspace Tracking.
4. Fast Complexified Quaternion Fourier Transform.
5. Audio Denoising by Time-Frequency Block Thresholding.
6. Convolution Using Discrete Sine and Cosine Transforms.
1. Noise cancellation from Sound Signal.
2. Subspace identification method for combined deterministic and stochastic bilinear system.
3. Indoor navigation using Bluetooth.
4. Space craft navigation using kalman filtering
5. Implementation of kalman filter.
6. Implementation of optical beam former.
7. DPSK Modulation & Barker code spreading on a synchronized 802.11b link using Matlab.
8. Iterative Decoding of a Serially Concatenated Convolutional Code.
9. Acoustic Echo Cancellation.
10. Active Noise Control Using a Filtered-X LMS FIR Adaptive Filter.
11. Design and Simulation of GSM Digital down Converter.
12. Radar Tracking, design and simulation.
13. Design and Simulation of DTMF Generator and Receiver.
14. Wireless system design- receiver synchronization.
15. Echo generation – Model based Design, Automatic code generation and testing.
16. Sample-based and Frame-based processing implementation of SSB-Modulation
17. Audio decoding format supports the segmentation of encoded data into small packets for network transmission.
18. The convergence Techniques using different adaptive filtering algorithms.
19. Intuitive implementation of sound effects using Signal Processing.
20. Design of a cochlear implant Speech Processor.
21. Implements the Internet Low Bitrate Codec for VoIP.
22. The simulation of synthetic stereo from a mono source Using Data Acquisition Hardware.
23. Speech signal using the Short-Time FFT and Inverse Short-Time FFT.
24. Spectral Analysis Using the Periodogram Method.
25. Spectral Analysis Using Data Acquisition Hardware.

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